When I was single, I was quite the Tinder-er so I have some experience in this arena. The weirdest thing I ever put on my profile was that I had a Costco membership. Here's why:

One, I wanted to seem clever, and two, I felt like that implied that I was an ADULT. Like a real, functioning adult (I mean, I wasn't a homeowner so I couldn't put that down.) In fact, I have an EXECUTIVE Costco membership.

I remember seeing, quite often actually, the number one critique of men was height, which made me a little insecure. I'd see things like "you must be at least six feet tall to ride this ride" or "swipe left if under six feet" and I always thought that was the equivalent to seeing like "no fat chicks".

We had a woman call into the show who explained that she put the amount of sexual partners she's had (3) in her profile, and that her amount of matches has significantly increased! So, depending on your number, that might help you out. Or, if it's too many, just lie.

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