Boise is #1 for Singles
Merry Christmas!  If you're single at the holidays, you know your aunt Linda is going to pry into your love life and ask when you're getting married.  No pressure, right?  Well single gals, in Boise our odds of finding a mate are good.  Believe it!
Reasons Why Single Ladies Are Single...Really?
I feel myself getting a little defensive about this, wanting to say, "but, but, BUT!"
Is it totally on us that we're still single, ladies?  One blogger makes it sound like it's all our fault that we're on the outside lookin' in, ridin' solo while our friends are partnered up or married.  Ca…
Dinner For One; Are You Okay With Dining Alone?
On Friday I had a weekend jam packed with plans, and then some of the plans fell through and I ended up with a window of free time late in the day Saturday.  I didn't want to stay home, so I went out for sushi alone.  And I had fun!
Stop Asking!
The holidays are my most favorite time of the year! I love everything about it! The food, the friends, the family, the lights, the turkey, the tree, the music, the movies....etc. There is one thing though that can ruin this magical time for me, so stop doing it!