If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is right?  Wrong.  This time it was 100% true and people from all walks of life came to see what was going on with this free gas.

Black Friday usually means hustle and bustle and the Christmas Spirit is sometimes lost because so many are so focused on getting that deal.  Not this year.  Signature Roofing set up shop at a Sinclair in Meridian and gave out more than 2,000 gallons of FREE gas.  As they pumped gasoline into car after car they listened to stories of people who were on their last dime, others who were just curious, and some came with tears in their eyes not believing that someone could be so generous.

The gas was available for ALL single parents in Meridian.  According to KTVB, Signature Roofing said they knew how hard life was for single parents and especially around the holidays.  This was their way of giving back.  Signature Roofing's Sales and Marketing Manager, Koki Gonzalez said...

We just wanted to bless our community.  We just brought some hot cocoa and coffee and candy canes for the kids and the parents and just made it all happen.

I'm truly grateful there are people like this in the world and so proud that many of them live right here in our community.  What a special moment for everyone involved.  God bless you Signature Roofing.  Thank you for spreading a lot of Christmas Cheer.

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