Dating is hard, ya'll. If it were easy, everyone would do it!. Actually, I think because it's so hard that everyone is still doing it. From meeting in organically at the grocery store, a bar, or the library, to all the dating apps. Everyone is just looking for love with the right person. But if you're dating in the Treasure Valley, what are other singles looking for in a partner and do you possess those qualities? Best way to find out is to take to the streets and find out from the people actually swimming in the dating pool. In this case the streets is Facebook.

There was not one mention of physical appearance in the answers. It's heartening to see that we are not a shallow people. I mean, physical attraction is obviously a component, but it's what's on the inside that counts. Though that might be harder than dolling yourself up to look good. The trifecta that will get you boo'ed up is honesty, communication, and emotional stability. A tall order, right?

Well, not lying should be easy. But communication and emotional stability?! Ummm, didn't everyone's childhood and parents break them in some sort of way that makes these things really difficult, or is that just me? Start those therapy sessions now, folks. And while you're at it, have them help you work through your issues with your ex.

Being hung up on your ex popped up as a big "don't." And they're probably the reason you're emotionally unstable and have trouble communicating in the first place. Other than that, you're golden. A sense of humor doesn't hurt and maybe have some brains. But to recap:

- Communication
- Honesty
- Emotional Stability

Master those, and you might as well star on Treasure Valley Bachelor/Bachelorette. The show doesn't exist, but it definitely should.

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