Dear Mix Morning Show,

My braggadocious neighbor cleans homes for a living. She is always flaunting her money because she gets paid in all cash and doesn't report it, or pay taxes on her income, which of course gives her and extra 20 to 30 percent of income.

Last Tuesday, she bought a used 2017 Lexus SUV that looks brand new....and she couldn't wait to come over to my house to brag about her newest purchase.  She's been showing it off and bragging about how much it cost.

She makes me mad because I'm a struggling single mother, who pays her taxes while she doesn't. She brags about how she is paid under the table and doesn't pay taxes.I know I'm jealous, but this really burns me up that someone like this can get away with this while us other law abiding tax payers get screwed

I am thinking about calling the IRS and turning her in. Do you know if I can do this anonymously so she wouldn't find out that it was me who turned her in...I hear that you can get a pretty big reward for turning in tax cheaters.

If you were me what would you do?

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