Thanks to all of our memories on social media we are constantly reminded what happened in the past. It's like you relive the good moments in your life that often get forgotten.

I remember all the great things with our first son Lennox and we also will forever remember our Christmas at St. Luke's Children's Hospital. He survived some very serious health issues less than a year old and I feel like we lived in hospitals till he was at least 4 years old. Today he started Kindergarten.

It must have just been a few months ago that my wife and I went to our first school introduction. It's a pretty small place and just blocks from our house which we absolutely love. I also remember sitting there wondering if there would be school. We didn't have to wear masks at this point and this was just the beginning of what was to come

Photo by: Paige W

We decided to just keep Lennox home this year and give up our spot. I'd rather wait and just hope this pandemic is gone next year. Plus, it's just Kindergarten so it wasn't too far. I think my wife was more nervous than our son. Still, it felt real when my wife said, "You're gonna cry!" Lennox walked down the hallway with his new school outfit and backpack. Lennox had the largest smile and was so proud. I was like, "Sh*t!" He's officially growing up.

I watched our little Leo and Lennox learned with mom. I was so impressed with her little school plan for Lennox. Everything was printed in house and he absolutely loved it. It still sucks realizing that next year he'll be someone else's responsibility while learning with other kids.

Photo by: Paige W

I'm not thinking about that right now but it's pretty sad to see him get older. I feel like whenever I say that you get this, "Well, wait till 13 and then 16. That's when it gets really hard!" Yea, I'm not trying to worry about the driver's license quite yet. Lennox isn't 6 year and Leo isn't even 2. Let's keep it right here for now.

If you're a parent thinking of keeping the kids home due to COVID-19, my wife found a ton of ideas to print on Pinterest. We've been letting him use and there is an assessment test that determines how far along he is. This assessment feature also follows his progress with suggestions during the time.

I'll get back to you on day two!


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