Today is Earth Day and I'm all about saving the planet! I try and do all I can to help preserve Mother Earth but there is one thing that I continue to fail at so I need your help.

My Earth Day Fail

I think I'm pretty considerate of this great planet I call home. I recycle at work and at home. I pick up trash even if it's not mine. When I'm camping or rafting I pack out what I packed in. I respect the single track trail rules when hiking and biking. The list goes on.

The one thing that I continue to fail at is....remembering to bring in my reusable grocery bags when I go into the store!! I have them sitting right there in the front seat of my car waiting anxiously to be picked up and carted off into the grocery store. Yet they never make it out of my jeep! On a few occasions I've remembered right as I got into the store and turned around and retrieved them. Most of the time though I remember as I'm checking out.

Please, I need help! I hate plastic bags. What is your secret to remembering to bring in your reusable bags? I know once I make this a habit I'll stick with it. But right now, I get a giant F!

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