It's Growing!! The City Of Tree's is no long a "small town." A new expansion just outside of Boise will see an additional how many homes? 

Like it or not, Boise is growing. And with a proposed new annexation just east of Boise, we could see an additional 400 plus homes built welcoming that many more residents to our growing city. Pending a Planning and Zoning Commission approval, the new subdivisions and homes will be built close to East Columbia area past Micron. The new homes could sit on close to 100 acres of land that is currently undeveloped. It's nothing new for the City of Boise to annex locations that are not in the city limits. Currently, the land is sitting in Ada County, but according to an interview from our New's Partners' KTVB Channell 7, they do this all the time.

So what happens next? says "Planning and Zoning must review the application for the annexation and the subdivision and will make a recommendation to the city council on what they would like to see done. The city council must approve this before anything can happen."

I for one am in the minority. I love a big city, and seeing how much attention Idaho and Boise is getting is exciting. More people means more jobs, bigger events and more to love in this great state we are lucky to call home. Again I know...there are many people who are not fans of it, but it's progress.


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