The winning continues with Mix 106 all week long. It's as easy as Producer JD picking your pig. Wait, what? 

This Friday at The Farmstead Producer JD will be jumping into the pen and chase those cute, fast, slippery little pigs for a chance at you winning big prizes from the Mix 106 prize closet. How does some cash sound, or maybe more tickets to events around town, even better, how about some relief at the gas pump.

When you hear the SQUEAL to Call, be caller six and tell us which piglet JD will snatch before any of the other ones.


Take a look at these pretty porkers and pick your fave.

Mary Porkins
Bilbao Bacon
SherHog Holmes
Swine-ia Twain
Squealy Nelson
Lady Hog Hog
Justin Boar-ber
Albert Ein-Swine
Cleo Porka
AbraHam Lincoln
Mike and Nicole will give you multiple chances every morning to call in at 208-376-5106 and place your bet. JD will be at The Farmstead this Friday around 9:00 a.m. to capture the three little piggies.

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