Take that Boise! I'm just kidding because it's all love in the family Idaho. It's nice to sit back and continue to watch the growth that bursts in the Treasure Valley.

I remember in 2008 when the country went through a terrible recession and it was terrible watching all the empty construction sites around the city. It's like we were booming and just like that, everything stopped.

Meridian has been constantly in the news and growth is unbelievable. So many businesses opening additional locations in Meridian due to the growth. This isn't just a growing city but also was just named the nicest place to live in Idaho. Reader's Digest just posted the 50 nicest places to live and Boise didn't win. Meridian will take honors in 2020 and well deserved.

The Reader's Digest says that Meridian's "Neighbors caring for neighbors is the key to this city's growth." There is so much in Meridian but the Village at Meridian has definitely become a staple spot to visit.

Congratulations Meridian family!


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