So, this is where happiness has found itself. We've dug deep into our crawl spaces to grab our prickly, plastic and half-lit Christmas trees for the light at the end of the tunnel everyone talks about.

I know it's the first week of October Boise. That's not the point because these aren't Christmas trees. Yes, their lit but it's all part of the season. These are Fall trees!

It's true. There is a new trend sweeping aisles across the Treasure Valley and it's called, "Fall Christmas Trees." I'm sorry, there's no catchy name. It's just Christmas Trees in Fall hence the brilliant cutting edge name. Plus, I just came across the article on Flipboard.

So, what do you decorate a Fall Christmas Tree with? Santa and Elves? No. Let's be smarter than those people. We dig deep in our creative archive, jump on to the best Fall Pinterest page, and just copy anything you see. I'm sure we'd come across pumpkins, pumpkin spice elves, leaves, and the list go on.

I'm being sarcastic but it's truly happening and my wife's family would do the same. I truly believe my wife could post up a tree with Michael Bublé playing on repeat. She doesn't need the Pumpkin Spice smells but those scented Pine Cones at Albertsons would be sufficient. Let's just turn the air conditioner on, throw a log in the pit (I say pit because we don't have a fireplace only a barbecue pit 😂) That's the life for my wife and probably so many others.

I could make more fun but I guess if you just take off the Fall decorations and replace them with Christmas items it's just a smarter play. Check out these


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