Hello Christopher Robin. I loved this movie because I had one of those little Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals as a kid. My son also loves Pooh and my daughter is still trying to figure out her loves.

I choose this photo because it was also kind of a depressing and dark Disney movie. It wasn't Batman Dark Knight crazy but maybe sad in parts. A new study came out and put Caldwell on the most stressed list, really? That not a good look and how legit is that?

Let's go through all the cities in the great state of Idaho and Caldwell gets the diss? I want to lay out the criteria and you be the judge Caldwell. This study comes from our friends at Zippia.

  • Unemployment
  • Hours Worked
  • Commute Times
  • Income-To-Home-Price Ratio
  • Percent of Uninsured Population

They take all those areas to combine the final numbers. The higher up the chart you rank in each area the worse your overall ranking is. Caldwell wins that ranking in Idaho. I'm not buying that information because I don't feel it from people that live there. Do you live in Caldwell? Are you stressed more than your neighbors in Kuna, Eagle, Meridian, or Boise? How do you feel Nampa?

Well, let's say you are stressed. Let me give you this. People come up with their biggest ideas when forced into a corner. That is what brilliance is. During the last recession, a lot of women went to school for hair and nails as a second job. That turned into a career and several of the people quit the other job. We tend to find our calling when forced to make a decision no matter how hard it is.

You can learn more below but stay focused on what's most important. Listen to the gut and don't look back!



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