Recently, I shared how I felt Boise was ready to take the next step and pursue landing a professional sports team. When you factor in all of the things that Boise has to offer a potential professional sports franchise, it's hard to say that Boise isn't ready for a team.

While we would love to have an NFL franchise, I wouldn't be upset if Boise (somehow) ever landed an NBA team. Sure, football is great and there's nothing quite like the atmosphere and all that comes with it... but that's not to say basketball is anything to sneeze at. You're a lot closer, the game is in constant motion, and of course, you have the acrobatics of the game combined with an elite level of hand-eye coordination to marvel at.

If Boise were to ever push for a team, I would absolutely love it if by some miracle we would be able to land the now-defunct Seattle SuperSonics. One can dream and that will likely never happen but that's not to say that Boise isn't capable of producing NBA-level talent.

Look no further than the players to have come out of the Boise State men's basketball program. The program has produced some outstanding talent while also having a former player involved in an unbelievable confrontation with a player that's immortalized in the NBA... and the world.

Before we get to this list of Boise State basketball greats, let me know - do you think Boise is ready for an NBA team? Would you embrace the idea of Boise becoming the new home of the 90s favorite, Seatle SuperSonics? Let me know your thoughts here - let's get to it!

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