The world of fantasy and RPG is about as big as it can get here in Idaho. Behind many closed doors, you'll find people Googling and playing this game in secret.

I've always been a bit mystified by the whole Dungeons and Dragons thing. It's like this deep, dark, secret, special world of gaming that only those who are really privy to can appreciate. To be quite honest, I met a group of D&D fellas a while back and very much felt like the odd man out. In that room, I was the dork, the geek, maybe even the loser because I wasn't in their world, on their level or in their game. Dungeons and Dragons just feels like this underground, special world of nerds and believe it or not, here in Idaho, it's HUGE. You could drive past a house on your way home from work and not even know that on the other side of that door, the serious world of Dungeons and Dragons has taken over.

In fact, here in Idaho, Dungeons and Dragons is so huge that only one state gets more invested. Utah. Yup, Utah is number one, and Idaho is number two. This is assuming that people Googling Dungeons and Dragons equates to people playing and actually getting involved. Zippia released a list ranking each state, from 50 to number 1 on how frequently Dungeons and Dragons related searches are made and yes, Idaho is number two. So maybe it's you... You should feel at home here in Idaho. And if it's not you, just know that they're here, in droves!

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