What provokes some animals to bite humans?

Sometimes it's instinctual. Perceived threats, unknown and anxiety-triggering situations could force any creature, human or not, to lash out. Like humans, the list of what provokes an animal to bite someone is practically limitless.

Apart from hunting for prey, the Centers for Disease Control  says there are are a few typical factors and scenarios that lead to animals attacking and biting humans.

Wild or house-trained, some animals can become aggressive when they sense a threat or the need to defend their children or territory. Pain is another triggering factor. Animals or creatures that are sick or suffering from any degree of pain may bite or react violently when touched or approached by a human or another animal.

And, of course, being taunted, mishandled, or abused by a human will likely solicit a violent response from any of the residents in Idaho's animal kingdom.

Accidents happen.

Whether it's a stroll down Boise's Greenbelt or a hike through the gorgeous foothills, it's important to be aware of your surrounding. Unless you want to end up in the E.R., it's always wise to keep a distance between yourself and Idaho wildlife.

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