Why do people burn or fly the American flag upside in Idaho?

According to the Free Speech Center, the desecration of Old Glory is one of the most controversial First Amendment issues.

For decades, people have flown the American flag upside-down or burned it in protest of what they believe are unjust political causes or movements. While technically legal, flying the flag upside-down as a form of bipartisan rebellion violates the U.S. Flag Code written by the National Americanism Commission of the American Legion adopted by Congress in 1923.

The U.S. Flag Code [...] is based on the belief that the American flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing. It proscribes any use of the flag that could be construed as disrespectful, including using it for advertising and to decorate clothing and other goods.

-The Smithsonian

Because the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against flag-protection laws as a violation of the First Amendment in 1989, American citizens are free to burn the nation's flag as an expression of political protest.

Still, the burning or desecration of the American flag is largely seen as a sign of disrespect and provocation.

Many residents, especially America's Veterans and members of the Armed Forces, view it as a direct sign of disrespect for the men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect and advance the liberties enjoyed by American citizens.

In Idaho & nation-wide, flying the flag upside-down can signal an emergency.

Traditionally, hanging an American flag upside-down had nothing to do with politics, free free speech, or wartime issues.

Whether it was a personal matter of life or death or a danger to their property, the sight of an American flag displayed upside-down was intended to signal distress or grave danger. It's a rare and unsettling occurrence these days, especially in Idaho, but it happens.

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