For many Idahoans, our wallets are like mini museums.

We stash everything in them! Those random bits and receipts are tiny fragments of our identity carefully curated over time. Two-by-three-inch photos are snippets of beautiful memories gone by or the goals we aspire to.

The possessions Idahoans store in our wallets are reminders of where we've been, how far we've come, who and what we love, and where our future could be headed.

Photo by Gleb Makarov on Unsplash
Photo by Gleb Makarov on Unsplash


Trifold, bifold, or no-fold, our wallets protect our Gem State of mind.

Laugh all you want, but they're our grown-up security blankets that ensure we're prepared for whatever the day throws our way.

In crisis, at an unexpected doctor's appointment, or on vacation, those square and rectangular pouches are mini safe deposit boxes holding the fort down for us 365 days a year.

Wallets are more than accessories. They're a utility and a window to the most private parts of an Idahoan's world and daily life. They reflect our hobbies, our interests, what we do for a living and how much we make—they're the proverbial keys to our kingdom.

The thought of our wallet in the hands of a low-life thief or professional criminal could churn any Idahoan's stomach. As much as we love having them on us at all times, the wallet items in the gallery below have the power to wreck our lives if they fall into the wrong hands.

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