Idaho Wants To Learn How To Vape
As it turns out, each state has an odd but common thing that people search on Google, and for Idaho, it's "how to vape", which is pretty mild compared to our friends in New Mexico.
If You Have Fortnite On Your Phone, Sell It!
Seriously. The makers of Fortnite have gotten in a fight with Apple and Google and the game is no longer available in the app stores. People are looking to make nearly $15,000 off of devices that already have the game on them!
And the Most Commonly Misspelled Word in Idaho Is...
Oh boy.  Is that tricky word dessert or desert?  It depends if we're talking about sweets or sand, and one of them is the most commonly messed up word in Idaho.
California is right there with us. They can't spell it either.  And wait til you see what Montana has trouble spell…
Google Will Track Santa Across the Treasure Valley
The Google Santa Tracker has already launched, and Bing is not far behind with their high tech NORAD radar tracker.
Don't they know he's at Boise Towne Square already?  We've seen him at the Village at Meridian and in Nampa too.  But here's how we can officially tra…
Idaho Googles This D-List Celebrity Most Often
Maybe you've Googled your own name, or a few hard-to-find Pokemon characters more often than you've looked up a celebrity online.  That might be a good thing.
But if curiosity about Gary Busey or Vanna White's birthday gets the best of you and then next thing you know you're Googling, you're not alon…
You Googled It
The people over at Google always do an amazing job with recapping the year. In just under 3 minutes, 365 days passes right before our eyes and we are able to re-live and experience it all over again.
While the rest of the country was Googling that, this is what came from Idaho

The Hunger Games…

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