There's power in color.

For well over a millennia, civilizations have used the power of color to communicate and evoke emotion. From the air of mystery and evil associated with black, to the purity of white in religious ceremonies around the world, color helps shape our cultural identity and our life experiences.

A universal visual language, science tells us our brains react to different hues in specific ways that can affect our mood and behavior.

Red symbolizes passion, enthusiasm, or danger. Blue evokes feelings of calm, trust, and stability, making it an ideal color for office spaces and high-volume output centers. Green makes us feel more connected to nature, while orange tends to represent optimism and youthful connections...but not in Idaho.



Beware: orange means something very specific in Idaho's woods. 

In a world bombarded with information, color color cuts through the chaos and instantly captures people's attention. That's why private landowners in Idaho and around the country have used the color orange to ward off intruders and trespassers for decades.

According to Senate Bill No. 1062, it's illegal to enter private property without the landowner's explicit permission where "No Trespassing" signs or orange paint is posted.

Ignoring orange paint in Idaho could cost you your life. 

Idaho is a Stand Your Ground state. The Castle Doctrine permits residents to use lethal force in defense of people and property. If a private landowner in Idaho believed you were a viable threat in any capacity, it's their legal right to pursue and shoot you as a trespasser.

FYI: if you think you're not being watched, think again. Today's private landowner uses an array of sophisticated technology to prevent intruders, lone hunters, and squatters from entering their land. So the next time you see orange paint in Idaho woods, get out of there before it's too late.

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