Bummer news in time for Father's Day. The "dad bod" is more popular than ever around the United States, but here in Idaho? Not so much.

Dad bods are truly more popular than ever, according to a recent study put on by Planet Fitness. And while there are lots of dads here in Idaho, we're not exactly the home of the dad bod. Dad Bods are so "in" right now, that they're preferred significantly higher by women (65% of women, in fact) than men with six-pack abs. People accept the dad bod more than ever before, dad bods exude confidence, a dad bod can be an indicator of a man in a happy marriage and it's a good sign that a guy is a family man.

Unfortunately, the stereotypical "dad bod" isn't as popular here in the great state of Idaho. Someone ranked all 50 states on how well closely they fit the dad bod stereo type. The basis of these rankings were:

  • How much money dads in each state spent on their kids
  • How much they like to grill
  • How popular dad jokes are in each state
  • And (this is key) how interested people were in New Balance sneakers

Look, this is pretty good criteria: loving dads that grill, tell dad jokes and wear New Balance? Can't really argue that. Unfortunately, under this ranking, Idaho is 38th out of 50th. So while we're not the "Daddest" state by any means (Iowa is number one), we're not the least "daddest" state (Florida ranked dead last, and look, those dads are wrestling alligators out there so they've got bigger fish to fry). Either way, Father's Day is coming and whether your dad is a super dad with a dad bod or fantastic dad with a six-pack, I hope you enjoy some quality time with him. If you're looking for a great gift to give your Idaho dad, this is the most Googled in our state for 2021!

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