When it comes to people, names can be powerful labels.

Common or rare, names can pack a punch in just a few letters. Some hint at history and culture, while others capture someone's personality to a T.

When you meet a man named Alexander, for example, it might conjure images of an ancient conqueror. But then you meet another guy named Alex, and all of sudden you're thinking about playing Guess Who? with your sister in the '90s.

Names are funny that they 🙃

Animal names are every bit as fascinating as human names.

Animal names are cool and quirky because they're like tiny stories wrapped up in a single word. Red pandas, blue whales, some names tell us what an animal looks like, while others like, Arctic fox or Amazonian tree frog describe where they come from.

Then there are the quirky animal names like blobfish, boobie birds, naked mole rats, and pink fairy armadillos that seem too silly to be true...like the animal group names in the gallery below.

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  • 22 bizarre but real names for different groups of Idaho animals

  • 8 Idaho creatures that actually hold funerals for their dead

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  • Can you blame 'em? 9 Idaho animal parents who eat their kids

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22 Bizarre But Real Names For Groups Of Idaho Animals

Some are Idaho natives, some are family pets, and some can be found at Zoo Boise, but all of the creatures in the gallery below have some seriously bizarre and hilarious group names!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

8 Idaho Animals & Insects Actually Hold Funerals

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

9 Idaho Animal Parents Who Eat Their Kids

Before you judge the filial cannibals in the gallery below, remember:

> they can't escape their homegrown hellions with a therapeutic trip to Target

> there are no babysitters in the wild

> they can't send them off to school five days a week

> and most, if not all of them, were just lonely, h*rny singles looking for a one-night stand who wound up as single parents

Cut 'em some slack, people 🙄

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

5 Adorable Animals That Are Absolutely NOT Welcome in Idaho

While these animals are pretty darn cute, they're actually dangerous to Idaho's ecosystems and are con. Read on to find out why the Gem State slammed the door on their adorable little faces.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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6 Things That are Attracting Pests to Idaho Homes Right Now

Whoops! Sometimes life gets so busy that dust bunnies and spring critters move in.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Beware Of These Dangerous Pests In The Woods of Idaho

Well... this is terrifying. Here's how you can catch a disease in the forests of Idaho this summer.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

7 Scary Idaho Animals That Might Not Kill You, And 1 That Will

Gallery Credit: Marco

7 Scary Idaho Animals That Might Not Kill You, And 1 That Will

Gallery Credit: Marco

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