Someone posted on one of my articles when I showed a photo of my ballot mailed. She responded, "No! Don't mail it " Oops, my bad...I guess?

So many people are beginning their stress frenzy as the election gets closer and that skyrockets anxiety. This woman thinks people are living in the bushes with special scanners to see whether is a D or R. They will then decide whether my vote is counted based upon their agenda. Interesting.

This election more than I can remember has every conspiracy written to make sure this will be one never forgotten. There is nothing you can do that will make everyone happy. This is why people are afraid to discuss politics. Do you feel comfortable standing in line for a gazillion hours surrounded by half and a half with masks? Are you confident you won't contract COVID-19? If you mail it in how do we know it's the final destination? The list goes on.

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It's not my goal to push anyone and their agenda. I don't see any benefit in debating your beliefs and it's none of my business. My only advice is to research the facts yourself. It's easy. You can also track your vote if you decide to mail it in. This is a factual option and not all states are offering this tracking method. Idaho is one of the states that lets you plug in your number to track.

Each ballot receives a special number and you can follow that number as if you were tracking your Amazon purchase. I've listed a link with information because you need to do a few things before using that app. This gives you some other basic voting information and you can also click on our own deep dive into voting resources below.

Good luck!

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