I deactivated my social media accounts last night. I had a few reasons for doing so, but the main reason was that I realized it wasn't beneficial to my mental health right now. I'll see how I feel in about a week so but social media can be exhausting all the time - let a lone during election week.

There's been a wave of emotions for months over this election. Now that it is officially here happening, people have been wearing their hearts (and opinions) on their sleeves. Everyone has an opinion and it seems that everyone is voicing theirs. Some opinions are so strong that they are tearing relationships apart.

We have all heard at least one person say in the past few days (maybe you said it yourself), "if you voted for ___, then please unfriend me in real and online." This election has caused friends and families to turn against each other. There is a clear divide happening right now and it's hitting close to home and to the heart. Have you personally had any friendships change over political differences?

I'll be honest. I now have some weird vibes towards some people who I am close to. I'd like to assume that they are just acting out of character but I guess I really don't know that. Maybe they do truly believe what they are saying deep down. I know how passionate I am in my political stance and I assume the passion matches on the opposing side.

A lot of us are usually ok to agree to disagree on certain things but that does not seem to be the case in this particular moment in time. We have all personally been challenged. Our morals, beliefs, and relationships with others are being put to the test.

How have you been handling this divide? Have you made the choice to just not talk to people who see differently? Or do you believe that we should rise above and put our differences aside?

I think we are all learning a lot this week - about others and ourselves.

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