First, let me say that dating in 2022 sounds complicated. I'm not talking about just technology either, that's a given. But to me, at least, it seems that the entire dating landscape is different than it was even a few years ago. I'm only 35 but I can certainly tell you that dating 10 years ago, at least in my opinion, was way better. While technology is the easy blame for today's bad dating, that's too easy.

Humans have always had access to technology we probably didn't necessarily deserve... caller ID, anyone? Sure, it's the technology that makes things less intimate, but it's the humans using technology that become "trained" by what they see on their phones, the internet, and specifically social media.

With cuffing season approaching (if not already in effect for some people), this is bound to create many issues in the dating world.

So, what's missing?

Chivalry may very well be close to becoming a thing of the past but we know there are still a handful of good (and well-mannered) people out there. That being said, simple things like offering to pay for someone you invite, seem to be lost on the younger generation. Even the simple act of holding the door open for someone or a gentleman choosing to be closer to the sidewalk when walking with his lady; all of those things seem to be missing in today's world.

Luckily for us, we do have the internet to capture these moments, and today we're looking at five times things didn't work out on a date. With it being "cuffing season", perhaps these cringe-worthy fails will make you feel better about any dating shortcomings you may have experienced.

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