Forgive & Forget: Face It
Ashley has been ghosted by Dustin and she's pretty sure it's because she's got a weird tattoo in an even weirder place. We'll find out if maybe he can look past it and try going out again.
Seriously. What Makes A Bad Kisser?
A friend of mine got LEFT on a date because he was a bad kisser. After she was gone she sent a text saying that he was a bad kisser and that it was something very important to her.
Today Is A Good Day For A Wedding
Happy anniversary to everyone who got married on 7-7-07! And there are still several good wedding dates left in 2020 for those who appreciate (okay, geek out about) numbers.
Tinder No Longer A “Hook-up” App
No one ever believes me when I say that I used to legitimately use Tinder to find dates, not just hook-ups. More and more, people are using it to have meaningful conversation. Hear me out!
Should I Feel Guilty About This?
I'm a person who deals with a lot of guilt. I grew up in house where Everything was always my fault, so it comes very naturally to me. Lately this issue has weighed on me big time. Should I feel guilty or not?

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