Fall 2020 Is Like A Regular Fall But, Different…
I always look forward to the fall. In fact, I feel like the second half of the year typically flies by compared to the first but this year, fall is going to be way different. I'll miss the sound of marching bands practicing in the distance...
How Will You Remember 2020?
When the craziness of this year is all over and you're looking back, will you remember the moment you realized "this is really happening"?
Where Should We Get Married In Idaho?
Long story short, I was supposed to get married near San Diego and have this crazy big wedding with lots of guests, but Covid has changed that, and now we want to get married here in Idaho, but where should we?
Had A Guy Tell Me “This Is Not The Year To Float The River”
A Treasure Valley summer "must-do", right? Floating the river... I was eating at a local spot in Meridian today and the owner of the restaurant said "this is not the year to float the river", and cited a few accidents that have happened in the past few weeks. Will you float the r…
2020 Part Two: Whatcha Got?
We don't get a halftime, we don't get an intermission. When it comes to 2020, we've jumped head first into the second half. Here are some things we can expect.

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