What Will Happen On Election Night?
As we approach November 3rd, 2020: a night that will arguably go down in history as the most tumultuous election nights in our lifetime, what does it look like for Idaho? Either way?
How To Talk Politics With Family
This is easily the most tumultuous election in our lifetimes and inevitably, tough discussions will end up happening with people you love. Here's how to deal.
Forgive & Forget: Trump’d
Jessica wants to ask her sister Kelly for forgiveness. Their whole family are longtime Republicans and Jessica has decided she's not voting for Trump so she's come to Moug & Angie to help ask for forgiveness.
Halloween Costume Ideas Involve Face Paint
We've heard Donald Trump wigs are selling like crazy, and "the dress" that made the rounds on the internet will be a hot Halloween costume too.  Other ideas are based on animated movie characters and involve a lot of yellow and blue face paint.