People in my family have wondered for years what I really do. I don't think half the people in our office have any idea what I've done over the years.

I good go on with some of the most embarrassing moments like my first Walmart visit after the Fiesta Bowl win that the Broncos are so famous for. I was cheering next to a few guys only to realize it was just the championship Fiesta Bowl DVD. Yes. I did that. I was new.

I've gotten to know so many amazing Idahoans and yet it's this little guy named Grayson that has me writing this article tonight.

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I received a call from his grandfather in Texas who mentioned that his grandson was disappointed he didn't get to introduce himself to me during Moug and Angie's 12 Days of ChristMix Toy Drive at the Village at Meridian Monday. Grayson said he wanted to donate toys because he heard from us that kids won't get a Christmas this year. Grayson's mother asked what he wanted to do and Grayson wanted to get bikes because he thought that would be cool. I love this story because it's a teaching moment. She let her children learn and they picked out bikes themselves for these kids who needed them. They realized it was more important to give than receive because so many don't have much this Christmas. I'm not sure if it was an allowance, a gift of their own, or could have just been a sweet gesture.

Grayson and his mother give all of us hope as we finish up in 2020. Love is more important than anything else. This little listener of mine taught this somewhat older guy 😂let's emphasize somewhat. He taught us that caring is more important than hot giving a crap. It was a selfless moment. Yes, it was just a few bikes and I think some skateboards. The reality is that moments like that aren't about the price tag that follows it. That's magic to me. Grayson and his entire family have motivated me to go find two bikes myself and donate them in his name.

Courtesy: Instagram
Courtesy: Instagram

We should recognize and share thanks to this guy including his family. It's moments like this that should give us hope. There's too much arguing and not enough listening. Grayson, you might have just started a 2 Bicycle hashtag that goes viral someday.

Things happen for a reason. Moug wanted to do this Toy Drive to save Christmas for families that can't provide. That inspires Grayson which inspires me. The message should touch us all. That's what dreams are made of right there.

Great job G!

You can visit Moug with co-host Angie from Moug and Angie Mornings live from the Village at Meridian. Moug will be broadcasting and sleeping on location 24 hours a day for 12 straight days.

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