Don't we just add up on desserts over the holiday? Who just takes one slice of anything and walks away? Well, let me be the messenger on this bad news if you shop at Trader Joe's.

The FDA just announced that you should not eat this dessert right now. Throw out your Almond Kringle right now.

I've been made fun of because of the FDA articles that I post up. If it's a recall announcement I'm usually the one grabbing that news. Don't we all want to know where something is good or bad? If I read anything that basically tells me to not eat or get rid of that item I'm letting my friends know.

The Trader Joe's Dessert item, Almond Kringle is on the naughty list this year. The issue is a factory mistake that could cause issues with allergies.

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The recall was initiated because it was discovered that four pecans filled kringles were incorrectly labeled as Almond Kringle and delivered to the Trader Joe's distribution center as a part of larger order. Subsequent investigation indicates the problem was caused by a temporary breakdown in the company's baking and icing processes.

That comes directly from the FDA's report. They went on to say that not all are bad packages and cause issues. Here's what you need to know.

The affected item is in white wax paper marked with code #26720. They say this number is located on the upper right side of the nutrition label. You can return this item for a full refund.

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