There is something special about the request of 2021 this year. Yes, I said requesting, saying please, and even begging. Come to Idaho 2021.

I'll admit that I never thought the Idaho Potato Drop would continue. It almost felt like a stereotypical move right? So, here we are 8 years later and I can't wait for one small problem. We can't go.

The Coronavirus has done everything but let up and that means social distancing. There is no real way to invite thousands of people who are already just waiting for an event to attend while expecting them to follow COVID-19 safety rules. The Idaho Potato will drop will happen, but don't plan on attending.

The word is that we don't even know the location of the event. Can you blame them? We would have an all-out riot of maskers vs non-maskers waving flags and possibly carrying weapons. CBS2 News was the first to report this but only with very limited information.

Boise gets to watch that Idaho Potato drop each year at the Capitol building and all over national coverage. There have even been some bragging rights that we've made it on an episode of Jeopardy. Fast forward to 1:57 below.

This Idaho Potato Drop is no little thing. National exposure isn't something you want to give up and there will be spud dropping on the city to bring in 2021. Where though? Where is this large potato hiding?

I don't think any of us are sitting around surprised. This is the safest way to not cancel such a major event. Nothing is normal in 2020 and that's a fact. So, I'll keep you posted with more information and hopefully some posts from the Idaho Potato Drop staff. Until that moment we'll just have to watch it on television like the rest of the country.

Big shout out to the team putting this on because they could easily shut it down.

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