We're finally saying goodbye to 2020 in just weeks. Think of what our families, businesses, and country have endured in this short amount of time. It's time for you to leave 2020 behind.

This goes to show you that we're really all just a few steps away from figuring out our next steps. We become victims to circumstances when the country goes down. I began 2020 with a head injury that almost killed me.

I write this article to say, "we're going to be okay." I started off 2020 by experiencing somewhat of a freak accident. I slipped the night before the Superbowl hitting my head on the edge of a curb. My skull was fractured in 3 different spots, I had bleeding in my brain, numerous facial fractures and a several weeks-long concussion. Scary, to say the very least.

My wife came in and I didn't even know who she was. I had no idea there was even a family at home waiting on me. I just laid in the hospital bed with my co-host, Kat Fisher and my wife next to me crying. There was a good chance I might never get my memory back, as the doctors would say, with brain injuries, you just never know what that outcome might be.

Let's fast forward because here I am today. Since that injury, I regained memory, healed up, and just have a few minor memory glitches with frequent headaches. Let's just say I'm not very fast when coming up with words.

There's much more but that's the main highlights. You couple your personal bumps in the road with an unforeseen pandemic and life comes at you. So, here we are. I'm lucky. It hurt leaving a radio station (Kissfm) that had my heart, being moved to Mix 106, but Townsquare Media stood by my side. Nobody ever asked me to come back after that injury. The management team just kept telling me to come back when I was ready. I don't always have to agree with business moves, or why some decisions are made, but I respect the 13 years I've spent in this city working in radio. I'm lucky.

I'm also very aware that my listeners have had it worse in their own ways. I've talked to school teachers who caught cancer, other listeners finishing chemotherapy, terrible custody battles due to divorce, and the loss of family members. We're being tested.

January 1, 2021, will not erase the personal pitfalls we faced in 2020. This new year doesn't erase relationships lost due to our political fights. We can't forget the marches, arguments, and unemployment registrations. The worst was thrown at each of us in different ways and here we stand.

Make a resolution right now. Make a decision as you read this. Tell yourself, write it down, and post about it. 2021 will be a new beginning to a better you. The pandemic isn't over, but vaccines are coming. The economy isn't great but it's coming back. The relationship you lost might have disappeared but you didn't.

Don't decide to workout out more or go on a diet. Stop. Make a mental decision to live a happier life and embrace the ones around you more. All that other stuff will find it's way back to you. See, that's a resolution we can all get behind.

2021 will be your year. I believe in you.


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