I started out 2020 on a radio station that is the reason I've been living in Boise since 2007. I had a severe head injury the first week of February cracking my skull in the 3 parts. I lost memory, was afraid to lose my eye and the list goes on.

March was my first moment back in the building and on the radio. I was lucky enough to have an amazing recovery (still get bad headaches and my memory isn't so great.) That's when COVID-19 hit, I moved radio stations and we've seen what's happened since.

2021 will usher in a new year that we've all been waiting for with one exception, the pandemic we still live in. There is a vaccine and it's already been shipped out with the first recipients last week. I feel like it will be difficult to move forward until we're mentally in a safe place. The best way to begin is with a vaccine. How do we get one? How many will we get? Does it cost? How do I know what group I'm in? Help!

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I'll post the link below with full details and Idaho has done a great just of keeping us informed. Disconnect from the tv, Facebook, and advertisements. Just look at the official facts regarding the coronavirus so you have the right information.

Phase 1: Healthcare & Long-Term Care Facility Residents - This list is long (refer to the link below.)

Phase 2: Essential Workers & Older Adults - This is your first responders, Pre-K-12 staff, teachers, and daycare workers. Correctional and detention facility staff, food processing workers, grocery and convenience store workers, and adults 75 years of age or older.

Phase 3: Older Adults & High-risk Medical Conditions - 65 years of age and older. If you are 16-64 years old with medical conditions that increase the risk of severe COVID-19. Essential workers not mentioned in the first two phases.

Phase 4: General Public

When? Phase 1 has already started, Phase 2 in February 2021, Phase 3 in April 2021, and Phase 4 in May 2021.

So, be safe. If you're like me falling in Phase 4 be careful! I know it sucks but we have gone this far what's another couple of months.

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