Are your children losing their minds staying inside during the pandemic? My son missed cousins so much that I really think it's impacting his feelings. I think he acts out more because he's just been stuffed up inside.

We head into 2021 knowing this is going to hopefully change for the better. Vaccines are coming, stimulus packages have been approved and it's going to get better. That doesn't take away how bored our kids are.

I was talking to my wife and her sister is taking everyone out to Eagle Island. I'm not sure if you've been there so it was important to write this for you. Gateway Parks in Eagle has tubing, snowboarding, and skiing for the family. Are you being safe and don't want to take chances? That's completely okay because they are too.

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You have to book your times like several places are doing to keep the numbers down. That means places aren't making as much money but at least keeping the business rolling. It's amazing and impressive how they transform over the Winter.

I wouldn't show your kids this because the begging will begin. Think of how stuck everyone has been indoors and imagine their faces during that tubing. I'm thinking about booking our own times as I write this.

I'll post up a link below and times are listed to keep numbers safe. There is a COVID-19 message and instructions for everyone coming out just like everywhere else. This looks safe and fun.

Merry Christmas and have fun!

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