I used to be one of the tallest kids in school. And then I moved on from kindergarten and into first grade. I don't mind being undersized though. They have the cutest shoes in size 5! Having a cute shoe selection is not the only perk to having abbreviated height. There are actually 44 things that us vertically challenged girls can appreciate! Listener #8, Mike, sent this to me this morning and I was laughing out loud and had tears in my eyes. #23 was a learning experience for me. Who knew?!  If you are pint sized like me, then you will love this! My jeans do hate rainy days!! If you are tall enough to see over the top of a car (lucky you) then this might give you a glimpse into the my little world. A world where you don't squat in photos.

Check out the top 5 things that every short girl can relate to from Total Sorority Move:

1. You’re always “so cute,” which is incredibly frustrating when you were going for “sexy.”

2. People think it’s funny when you’re mad.

3. When you gain five pounds, it’s noticeable.

4. When you gain ten pounds, it’s really noticeable.

5. When you gain fifteen pounds, you want to fling yourself out a window except you’re certain you’d bounce right back as soon as you hit the ground.


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