You know it's big when it makes CNN & Fox News, it's HUGE when it makes the late night monologues. Thanks, Little & McGeachin for making us proud!

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Idaho's been in the news quite a bit lately, mostly due to Covid related issues. This time, our beloved Governor Little and Lt. Governor McGeachin are like Idaho's divorced parents, with one trying to be the cool one, and one trying to be responsible... You decide which is which. The point here is, the world is noticing! Janice McGeachin started taking control and making executive orders as soon as Brad Little left the state for Texas. Now, he immediately reversed all of the actions that she took, and I won't get into all that in this particular article, just know they were covid-19 & vaccine related and a few other items. Anyway, Stephen Colbert had plenty to say about it, and it also made it to Last Week Tonight With John Oliver!

Our friends over at KTVB Channel 7 and 'The 208' shared some of the best of the best comedy inspired by the weird power struggle here in Idaho.

So, I wonder if Governor Little is not a little bit traumatized at this point when it comes to leaving the state... Like, does this guy consider taking any sort of vacation or is he in it? It'll be interesting to see what happens next year when the Governor position is up for grabs once again in Idaho as McGeachin is sure gunnin' for it!

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