There is arguably no greater pride than that of a Boise local. We’re not talking about the people who have just moved here in the last few years either, we’re talking about the homegrowns. The Boise originals who planted their roots in the Treasure Valley long before anyone else. We owe it to the elders and “OGs” of Boise to at least put forth effort in a few things that make Boise what it is.

The requests seem like simple things that most people can hear about once, then follow through on… but unfortunately, that’s not the case. People still make these errors and we’re here to help correct those issues.

Why do we care so much? Well, if you don’t learn these things, I’m told you need to get out. No really, that includes me too. If you can’t fulfill these simple requests from Boise locals, I’m “told” you will need to do the following:

  1. Pack your things.
  2. Begin the process of selling your home if you were lucky enough to own one.
  3. If you don’t own a home, just get your things and take them to your car.
  4. Load everything you can into your car.
  5. Leave.

Remember – don’t come after the messenger! I’m just passing along the “official” process (as I’m told) for anyone who cannot comply with the following requests for anyone who wants to live in Idaho.

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