I'm not certain this is called, "Pandemic Drinking Menu." That would be funny and topical but that's not the angle Cracker Barrel is going for. Wine, beer, and Mimosas are on the table though.

It looks like The Cracker Barrel Restaurant is joining other places like Taco Bell to add alcohol due to the drop in revenue during the pandemic.

The restaurant also known for its old country store inside made the big announcement this week.

Based on the favorable results, we'll be introducing the beer and wine programs to the majority of our system in fiscal '21 and we expect it to be in approximately 600 stores by the end of the fiscal year.

That was CEE Sandara Cochran. The Cracker Barrel rolled out its new menu options across 20 restaurants in Florida. That was met with high praise, great feedback and this was just meant for the evening. Mimosas see to be a hot item and they plan to spread out the times for alcohol across the day.

I spent many hours as a kid in this restaurant traveling with family and it was a lifesaver on Thanksgiving one year. I was living in Memphis away from family and that was the only place open. A grabbed one of my friends and he and I sat there eating it up and that was without alcohol. They have some of the best country-style meals, period.

The Cracker Barrel currently has two locations.

  • Boise, 1733 South Cole Road
  • Nampa, 16853 N. Marketplace Blvd

Don't head in with your friends expecting some tasty mimosas for brunch. That is coming soon though.

You read more about it at Delish.


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