It's the loveliest week of the year! Hearts, flowers, teddy bears and boxes of chocolates have been on the store shelves since December 26th. Let's find out if fairy-tales really do exist...

We hear it all the time. Maybe you even say it, "real love is not like the fairytales." But does real love resemble one of the countless romantic comedies we've seen? I will be the first to admit I've seen myself in a scene or two from Bridget Jones' Diary. Would I love to experience the ending scene of Pretty Woman? Heck yes! I just hope my hair looks better than Julia's did on that stairwell.

This week the TV will be full of romantic comedies. Movies that always have a happy ending. And three new romances hit theaters this weekend. I am a hopeful romantic and I've always thought that something personal had to drive those writers to start that script. No, I don't think the entire movie is based on an actual experience, but the plot came from someone's past. Even if just a tiny piece. And that got me to thinking, if you could compare your current relationship to a romantic comedy, what movie would it be? Not just the title, but maybe one event in your current love life resemble a scene from a movie? Did you kiss at the top of the Empire State Building (Sleepless in Seattle)? Did he chase you down in a cab? (How to lose a guy in 10 Days)? Did she move away, plan on marrying a politician and then at the last minute walk out on her wedding to marry you (Sweet Home Alabama)?

So I challenge you, compare your current love life to a scene from a romantic comedy in the comment section below.

Hopeful in Love,