Jealous the aliens are visiting Utah & Romania to drop off monoliths. I know the perfect spot right here in the Treasure Valley our out of this world visitors can leave one here.

Surely you've heard the story by now... The mysterious monolith that was found in Utah that apparently no one can account for which disappeared as soon as it was found. Quickly after it's disappearance, a similar monolith popped up in Romania,


Any chance this has anything to do with aliens? Or is some guy on his couch laughing as he desperately tries to take the world's collective minds off of the chaos that has been 2020? Regardless, this is kind of cool and exciting to think about. I've always thought that whether aliens existed or not, it's equally fascinating. To think that aliens exist? Fascinating. To think that in all this vast universe of planets we're the only life to exist? Well, that's just as fascinating.

So will these monoliths continue to appear around the world? Will we see one here in the Treasure Valley? If so, here's my vote on where the coolest spot would be: Jump Creek Falls. Think about it... It's just far enough out of town that the aliens could swoop in right at midnight with their UFO without being detected, drop it in that little canyon by the waterfall and get out. By the time a human saw it, it wouldn't be till the next day. You'd have to see camera dudes try and climb through that weird hole to get a good picture of it, and it would have a nice backdrop (the waterfall). Anyway, that's my vote. My message to any alien reading this is, I come in peace so hopefully you do too cause there's not much I can do about it.

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