A recent congressional hearing revealed just how deep we are with extraterrestrials and UFOs. The hearings all but confirmed that something is going on in our skies and not all of it might be from planet Earth.

Everyone seems to be taking the news well but we have one question. Is anyone else wondering why the world hasn't freaked out that the government acknowledged that we have not just UFOs but extraterrestrials?

"Aliens" officially have a name on Earth

According to NBCNews.com, David Grusch, a former U.S. intelligence official who spoke at the hearings said "he prefers to use the term 'nonhuman' rather than alien or extraterrestrial."

Does this confirm our government knows more than they're letting on? Should these hearings confirm that we should strike up a peace treaty with "nonhumans"? There have been some serious UFO sightings in Idaho and all of that chatter in Washington has us wondering... are the most chilling UFO encounters caught on camera 100% legit?

We sifted through some of the most terrifying videos of UFOs in Idaho caught on video and came up with some of the most compelling collection of evidence ever assembled. Here are the top five videos of UFOs in Idaho that gave us nightmares...

The Top 5 Most Chilling Idaho UFO Sightings Caught on Video

Following the recent congressional hearings on UFOs (or UAPs) that all but confirmed the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth, we're looking at the top five most chilling UFO sightings caught on camera.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

While it's not the creepiest, it's worth an honorable mention solely due to the weirdness. We came across a UFO over the Boise Townsquare Mall when leaving an event and to this day, it remains unexplained. What do you think it is?

Did We Just Capture A Photo Of A UFO Over The Boise Towne Square Mall?

What do you think was spotted over Boise Townsquare Mall?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Terrifyingly enough, these aren't even the weirdest stories. Let's not forget the time a man witnessed his pregnant wife being abducted by aliens...

One Of The Most Horrifying UFO Encounters In Idaho's History

In June of 1980, multiple people had one of the most terrifying UFO encounters of all time. Here is what happened according to the report with the National UFO Reporting Center.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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