UPDATE: This might be the first time I've ever had to go in and update an article. Looks like everyone loves Costco's cookies. Yes, they do sell them frozen in bulk including other items. I called yesterday and it's legit. Just be open-minded to the price but it's more than just $22 dollars. There seems to be confusion on the price.

This is a game-changer people. I can't cook anything baked so I'm about to look like a holiday cooking chef! There is a Costco secret menu and I'm about to share it with you.

I overheard from my wife in a very ecstatic tone that Costco offers a secret to customers. It's almost like a secret society or that there's only one rule in fight club saying, "Never talk about fight club." Here's a new one, "There's only one thing about getting Costco frozen dough from the back. Never tell anyone you can get frozen dough from the back."

Costco doesn't publicize this offer and for good reason. Has anyone ever asked for a recipe for some great treat you make? Do you just hand those over with a nice ribbon? Are you going to give your sweet recipes to a neighbor that will take credit for your hard-earned tasty work? I think not.

Costco won't give you the recipe but will give you the dough. Do this. Head back to the bakery section at Costco and simply ask for some uncooked boxes of things like pastries cookies, croissants, and other baked things like this. I called Costco myself and the guy in baked goods was kind of hesitant but said yes. After asking more questions they sell a lot but it's like he wasn't very excited to give it away to some random guy calling. This is legit but it's still kind of on the low.

I'm seeing you can get a box of cookies for a fraction of the cost or buy other pastries frozen. This could be a game-changer!

Don't believe me? Call Costco yourself

  • Boise location (208) 321-8700
  • Nampa location (208) 465-3800

Don't have a membership? Here's another secret. Instacart lets you purchase without a membership.

You're welcome!

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