Muddy conditions have closed Table Rock today. Here's what you need to know if you plan on hiking the iconic mountain any time soon. 

According to an article on, hikers, bikers, and runners are being asked to stay off multiple foothill trails, but Table Rock is officially closed.

The biggest reason people are being asked to stay off the muddy trails is because apparently it can cause the trail to become rutted, damaged, and more susceptible to erosion.

The Ridge to Rivers Facebook page has a lot of up to date information on the conditions of area trails, so it's a great resource to check before you head out.

We've had record rainfall in the Treasure Valley over the last couple days, so this isn't hugely surprising, but I was uneducated as to the permanent damage that can be done when we use muddy trails. It's not just a risk to the hiker or biker, but it hurts the landscape.

No word yet on when Table Rock will re-open but follow the Ridge to Rivers Facebook page and we'll try to keep you updated as well.


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