Starting in April, you will have to either hike, bike, or walk your way to the top of Table Rock. The City of Boise announced on Monday it is beginning construction of a new gate to allow for limited vehicle parking to one of Boise's most beloved overlook spots.

According to CBS2, construction of the gate comes after "ongoing reports of public safety, damage and vandalism at the top of Table Rock." You may remember this past summer, the Idaho State Historical Society closed its parking lot to vehicles citing ongoing reports of basically things bad. Vandalism, sex, and fights were becoming all too common at the top of the popular overlook destination and to the private property in the area. Every other year the small parking lot has remained open for vehicles from May through October.

That's right, we have the vandals and sex-crazed couples to thank for this one! I mean at least they aren't shutting the whole thing down though, right? Visitors can still access Table Rock via the two trailheads associated with Table Rock trails. Most people chose to use the Old Penitentiary parking lot for trail access or there is also the Mesa Trailhead which is adjacent to Warm Springs Golf Course. This means there is a total of 16 parking spots available including 1 accessible spot.

The gate will be fully operational in April and will be open from sunrise to sunset. Meanwhile the top is still closed to vehicular access with a gate or without. 

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