Table Rock

Who Would Vandalize Table Rock?
Weird flex, bro. Why are we vandalizing nature? Also, it takes a concerted effort for me to make it up Table Rock. I couldn't imagine going just to vandalize, but some are doing it.
So The Sky Is Going To Suck For A While
The Treasure Valley skies aren't the prettiest we've ever seen them thanks to the Wildfires but there is one silver lining to all this. Small, but perhaps silver, nonetheless.
Where’s Boise’s Best Makeout Spot?
Ok, obviously for the active people who like to hike, Table Rock is the spot. But what about the rest of us? Where's your go-to spot for a great view and smooch sesh in the Treasure Valley?
You Can’t Get To Table Rock As Easily Anymore
My "secret boyfriend" and I decided to take a little drive up Table Rock on Saturday, but we were surprised to find you can't do that anymore. Here's what to expect before you head up to one of the most scenic sights in Boise.

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