For the Idaho newbies, or maybe the folks that haven't left the house in a while who need a reminder... Here are 5 amazing ways to spend your summer weekends in Idaho.

Did you know that your body NEEDS Vitamin D and you get it much quicker, easier and healthier if it's direct from the sun? Here are 5 great ways to get some sun, and enjoy your summer weekends in the Treasure Valley this summer.

  1. Roaring Springs... Duh! Alright, I know this one's easy but what better way to get out in the heat AND stay cool and it's just a short short drive from anywhere in the Treasure Valley!
  2. Lucky Peak Lake... This might be my favorite. It's beautiful out there. There are great places to swim, camp, boat, drink and get all the Vitamin D you'll need! Plus, the views are beautiful out there! In fact, just last week, I wrote an article explaining why Lucky Peak Lake is so great and why no one else should go there so I can have it all to myself!
  3. Take a hike! Look, hiking is one of those things that for whatever reason, convincing yourself to go on a Saturday morning is the biggest struggle but once you do it, you're so happy with yourself. We have lots of great hikes nearby, but for an easy to get to, relatively easy hike with a beautiful view of Boise, go to Table Rock!
  4. Float The Boise River... Okay, especially if you're new, this is sort of a Treasure Valley right of passage and it's a total blast! Floating the Boise river is a tradition and you HAVE to do it, at least once!
  5. Go fishing... You don't have to be seasoned at this, you don't even have to like fish. You can catch and release if you want! Fishing is just a fun, good ole fashioned American pastime and it's a great opportunity to bond with a dad or a grandpa or whoever it is in your life to fish. For some easy, fun fishin', head over to Lake Lowell in Nampa... It's right down the road and you can either take a boat, or sit on a dock and fish away!

There... Now you have no excuse. There's plenty to do here in the Treasure Valley so Idaho it up, get some Vitamin D and enjoy our late late sunsets and beautiful scenery!

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