Weird flex, bro. Why are we vandalizing nature? Also, it takes a concerted effort for me to make it up Table Rock. I couldn't imagine going just to vandalize, but some are doing it.

According to KTVB, the group who manages Table Rock has asked people to respect the site after an uptick in vandalism.

It's pretty wild to think that someone would vandalize Table Rock, but I guess anything is possible. Seems like a task at this point since it's gotten cold, there are typically quite a few people there and it would feel pretty morally wrong, right? But it's not just graffiti, there are also people who are leaving trash behind, which is pretty absurd since you don't have to carry it very far. I'm not trying to be a Karen or anything but find somewhere else, ya know?

Table Rock is managed by the Idaho State Historical Society and they've plead their case, by simply saying, "It ruins the landscape, it ruins the wildlife habitat and the wild flowers and so it does a lot more damage then people I think are thinking because that habitat whether it’s the sagebrush or it is where the birds and the butterflies and all the creatures live, it tears up that landscape, that natural landscape."

I started trying to hike Table Rock for time earlier this year and I'm not going to say what that time is cause it's embarrassing compared to most but it is a great hike, with beautiful scenery and a great view at the top. Let's treat it nicely!

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