The Treasure Valley skies aren't the prettiest we've ever seen them thanks to the Wildfires but there is one silver lining to all this. Small, but perhaps silver, nonetheless.

Wildfires are tearing up the West Coast in the most brutal way they have in quite some time. Washington, Oregon, California and right here in Idaho there are wildfires running rampant. It's terrible for our lungs, terrible for the environment and it's even pretty ugly to look at. Just the tint of the world with this smoke filter is bleh if I do say so myself.

The one thing I'm okay with is the cooler temperatures. I was reading that there is so much smoke covering the Valley, that it's literally keeping hot rays from the sun from getting to us. Otherwise, we could theoretically be in the low 100's IN MID SEPTEMBER, which I'd prefer not to.

I've heard these wildfires could end up sticking around a while, too. Possibly into November or even December. I hope we don't end up with any sort of smoke/snow mixture because that sounds disgusting.

Smoke or not, the trees are starting to change colors and fall is like six days away. Will these be a weird hazy fall or can we have some incredible wind come through and blow all this stuff back out over the ocean? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The photo above was taken coming back down from Tablerock this past weekend and believe it or not it didn't effect the air quality, just the view.

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