Spring is coyote pup season which means coyote mothers are more protective than normal of their babies. It's something to actively watch out for especially if you're in the table rock area.

There's been a number of reports of coyote sightings in the Boise foothills recently. Ridge to Rivers put out a post warning hikers and people in the area to be alert.

There has actually only ever been two confirmed deaths from coyotes according to Wikipedia.com. They're actually pretty terrified of humans which is why these mothers are in overprotective momma mode! Your pets are most in danger of attacks.

If you're hiking with a dog, be sure to keep them on a leash despite whatever recall skills they may have. You may even try a different trail for now as there have been reports of coyotes actually coming after dogs.

In addition to coyotes being spotted in the Table Rock area, they have also been seen in Hulls Gulch at the intersection of Kestrel and the Military Reserve Connection. Ridge to Rivers says they will be adding signage at trailheads to alert hikers and riders where coyotes are known to have dens/where sightings have been reported.

Remember, it's important to respect these coyotes and all wildlife that call the foothills home. These coyote mommas are only trying to do their job. Stay alert, keep your pets close, and you should be ok. Also be sure to continue to report any coyote sightings to Ride to Rivers. They do a great job of monitoring the wildlife in the foothills of Boise.

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