I've wanted to hike Table Rock for a long time but I'll be honest, I'm not much of a hiker. I'm a bit overweight and for the longest time, it has seemed like the most daunting task, until now.

Call it toxic masculinity, call it what you want. I always want to seem at least somewhat strong in front of my fiance. I'm not worried she'll leave or anything but I don't want her to think of me as some weak dude so I make sure I keep a pep in my step, I try to stand up tall and live life as (at least seemingly) healthy as possible.

She's been hiking Table Rock for some time and I've not gone out of fear of her seeing me struggle. This is not something she's placed on me by any means but self imposed. But this weekend I decided it was time to put all of that masculinity B.S. to the side and go for it.

So I grabbed some hiking shoes, my fiance and the dogs and hit the trail. That first stretch up was a bit brutal but I did it without having to take any breaks. It wasn't until I had a good view of Boise that I actually stopped for a break and a few breaks as I got closer to the top.

It took 47 minutes from the bottom to the top and look I know that's nothing to write home about but I did have a sense of pride just for having actually done it. The view was a little hazy due to the wild fires but beautiful nonetheless. I felt like kind of a sham Boise person saying I live here but have never done Table Rock but now I've done it. And I want to keep doing it and getting better time!

So, cheers to facing your fears (or inadequacies), I can't wait to see what's next!

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