For the past few months I've been on a quest to find the BEST Bloody Mary breakfast in the Treasure Valley. I've visited Bardenay in Eagle, Grant's Neighborhood bar and grill in Meridian, Fork in downtown Boise, Twin Peaks at the Boise Spectrum, Eureka in downtown Boise and Homestead Bar and Grill in Meridian. I continue my search, this week for the ultimate Bloody Mary breakfast with my final stop...a place that serves the one true super food...bacon and the place is named after it too (what a coincidence). It's the super popular brunch spot in downtown Boise called Bacon.It's been really hard work, sacrificing my Sunday mornings in search of the best Bloody Mary Breakfast in the Treasure Valley. My latest and final stop before I give you a wrap up of my scores and rankings was Bacon at 121 North 9th in downtown Boise.

I tried to make reservations on Sunday morning and was informed they don't take reservations, and that at 10 a.m., which was my chosen time to get the most sleep and earliest breakfast, would probably mean that I would have about a 20-minute wait. We were lucky as an early morning snowstorm had hit the Treasure Valley and we didn't have to wait at all.

The menu is full of choices and it was a little difficult for me to choose, but I finally made my choice of something called the Josh Hash: breakfast potatoes, sliced steak Mignon, fried eggs, with mushroom gravy, Chipotle fried onion, and a biscuit.  I liked the Josh Hash as the fried potatoes were extra crispy, just like I like them, the eggs were cooked perfectly, over medium and the gravy was rich and tasty and paired very well with the steak medallions.

On a scale of 1-10, it was an 8. The one small critique I would make is about the biscuit. Now I'm not a big lover of breakfast biscuits in the first place, I much prefer whole wheat toast to dip my into my egg yokes, but this biscuit was way too dry and crumbly for my liking.

My wife ordered the bacon and two eggs breakfast with a biscuit and she said this was her favorite breakfast out of all the stops we'd made on our tour of Bloody May Breakfast places in the Treasure Valley.

And since we were eating at Bacon, we also couldn't resist the bacon shot sampler comprised of five different types of flavored bacon slices served in shot glasses. The bacon sampler alone was worth at least an extra full point to the total breakfast score. It was delicious.

Here's the different flavors of bacon you receive in the sampler:

>BERRYHILL: Named after the owner...Chile, sugar  [what started it all]

>SPICY HOT: Big chile heat

>KUROBUTA: Black Berkshire pig, thyme, sage and rosemary

>MAPLE ROSEMARY: Just like it sounds with hints of Maple syrup and Rosemary

>CANDIED: smoky, syrupy sweetness

Next came our drink order and the main reason we were there...the Bacon Bloody Mary! It's the house cocktail and one of the things Bacon is known for.

The ingredients were fresh, the Mary mix was tasty. As a matter of fact is was so good, that everyone at the table ordered a second. The only real critique I could give is that there isn't enough bacon in the Bloody Mary...just one puny slice!

The place is called Bacon for cripes sake, who puts just one small slice of bacon in a Bacon Bloody Mary? Good thing I ordered the bacon shot sampler, or I might have had to talk to a manager.

Because of the lack of lots of bacon, I must take away a half point from the overall score and give the Bacon Bloody Mary a 7 1/2.

Now after traveling the Treasure Valley with friends and family over the past few months I will compile my scores and in my next update, give you my personal list of who has the best Bloody Mary breakfast in the Treasure Valley and who has the best Bloody Mary, including the rankings of all my stops and how I liked each place.

Thank you for all your input on which places I need to visit. I will tell you right now, we have so many amazing places to enjoy Bloody Mary Breakfasts here in the Treasure Valley, we're very lucky!


For those who love to make your own Bloody Mary's, here's a video showing how I make mine every Thanksgiving!

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